Noosa Tours

There are varies tours departing the Sunshine Coast. Enjoy the Coloured Sands and Rainforest in a 4wd safari, taking you to the remote and pristine wilderness of The Great Sandy National Park.

Take a walk through a towering sub-tropical rainforest, swim in the tranquil waters of Rainbow Beach, famous for its 200m high coloured sand dunes. Drive the length of 40 mile beach, and enjoy breathtaking views from Double Island Point lighthouse.

Noosa Highlights & Tour Ideas

  • Cross Noosa River via cable ferry
  • 4wd along 40 mile beach and Rainbow Beach
  • Drive to the lighthouse at the top of Double Island Point
  • Experience the splendor of Rainbow Beach and its famous coloured sands
  • Take a walk through stunning sub-tropical rainforest
  • Take a refreshing swim in the pristine rivers
  • Learn about some of the unique flora, fauna and history of the Great Sandy Region

Fraser Island Tours from Noosa

Noosa is just a short drive from World Heritage Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world which in itself is a very popular holiday destination.
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